Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Skyreporter: A Worthwhile Read...

With an election on the horizon, I encourage all interested and politically motivated Canadians whose wishlist includes pithy writing, astute commentary and interesting reporting beyond the listless everyday media to review Arthur Kent's website: skyreporter.com

I particularly enjoyed Mr. Kent's most recent article:


The article discusses a number of important and interesting connections between Canada's work abroad in the name of "freedom" and good governance within our own country. By way of example, Kent writes:

One Canadian veteran of the campaign to create good governance in Afghanistan tells Skyreporter:

“How can we look someone like Karzai in the face and tell him he has to do a better job when Harper shows complete contempt of parliament here?”

The current Canadian election was triggered, in part, when the Speaker of the House of Commons ruled that Harper and his ministers were in contempt of parliament for misleading members over the cost of an anti-crime bill.

Now a leaked draft report by Canada’s Auditor General states that the government misled parliament to secure a $50 million slush fund, doled out by Harper’s industry minister to pet projects in his own constituency.

The money was purloined from a border facilities program and redirected under the guise of preparing for last year’s G8 summit (see “West Adopts Taliban Lunacy To Help Secure Leaders’ Photo Op” on page 2 of Recent Stories).

“You can't just talk the talk, you have to walk the walk as well,” says the specialist, who asks to remain unnamed while he continues his work in the region.

To read the entire article, visit: www.skyreporter.com